Fiber Optic Cable

We offer fiber optic installation, repair and maintenance services for the renewable energy and telecommunications industries

Sentry Electrical Group, Inc. offers fiber optic installation, repair, and testing for the renewable energy and telecommunication sectors.

Sentry crews use state-of-the-art fiber optic splicing, installation, and testing equipment to safely provide our customers with the highest quality fiber optic cable plants.

Our employees are certified by ETA International to successfully install, splice, test and certify fiber optic cable plants. The head of the Fiber Optic Division at Sentry is experienced in fiber optic planning, budgeting, design, and ensures Sentry’s Standards for fiber optic installation exceed industry-mandated standards.

We have a complete line of fiber optic diagnostic equipment that produces accurate and timely diagnosis of fiber optic issues to speed repair time and minimize system downtime, while ensuring plant and personnel safety.

Our customers include renewable energy prime contractors, owners, and developers as well as the telecommunications industry.

Tyco case for fiber to the home (FTTH)

Our Services Include:

Underground fiber optic cables placement

Fiber splicing

Cable repair

Cable maintenance

Fiber optic cable plants testing & certification

Fiber to the Home (FTTH)

Large- and small-scale projects

Licensed and trained technicians

Safety and Testing standards exceeding federal regulation