Sentry Electrical Group Launches O&M Independent Service Provider Division

Sentry Electrical Group recently launched their new Operations and Maintenance (O&M) Division. This new division will allow Sentry Electrical Group to provide comprehensive operations and maintenance solutions to customers. The O&M division can provide support to Sentry Electrical Group’s existing customers as well as new customers such as wind and solar Independent Power Producers (IPP’s) and wind turbine Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM’s). The new division will be led by George Tapia, who brings over a decade of experience to the division.

“I am thrilled to build and lead the Sentry O&M field services division as an independent service provider (ISP) for our customers,” said George Tapia, Director of Field Services. “Sentry’s proven industry reputation puts us in a position to safely provide customers these services with quality, professionalism, and reliability.”

Sentry’s new capabilities will allow their customers to integrate Sentry’s record for safety and compliance into their short- and long-term maintenance plans. As an ISP, the O&M Division at Sentry Electrical Group can provide operations and maintenance support to include annual maintenance, ad-hoc, preventative maintenance, troubleshooting, design modifications, and warranty support.

As an industry leader in renewable energy, Sentry Electrical Group is poised to provide cost-effective operations and maintenance solutions to customers across the United States and Canada.