You need Sentry for your utility-scale solar projects

Sentry Electrical Group, Inc. understands that solar photovoltaic (PV) plants are becoming larger and more complex. Following the path of independent power and wind plants, PV plants are taking their place as utility-standard power stations. Due to more projects and competition, controlling installation costs and execution time have become increasingly important. It is more vital than ever to offer electrical balance of plant systems to meet specialized utility solar requirements.

Testing and quality assurance of sophisticated electrical systems are an essential part of achieving project economics. Often, transmission lines at transmission voltages are required to connect to the grid – they can be overhead lines many miles in length carrying fiber optics, as well as electrical cable.

As an industry leader in renewable plant and electrical construction, Sentry Electrical Group, Inc. offers full EPC services and industry expertise needed to complete your project safely, on time, and on budget. We proudly serve renewable energy prime contractors, owners, and developers.

Our Services Include:

Installation of MV collection system

Setting and installation of all electrical components

Equipment and skids

Trenching and conduit

Installation of fiber optics, underground or overhead

Design-build of interconnections, including substations, T&D, underground or overhead

Electrical Balance of Plant Systems (BOP)

Testing and commissioning


Collection systems

Substation and interconnection facilities

Electrical design for low voltage and high voltage

Foundation design and installation

Assembly and erection

Underground cabling installation

Full Solar Engineer, Procure and Construction (EPC) Services