Collection Systems

Sentry Electrical Group has safely completed over 300 miles of underground systems

Every aspect of the design is not only tailored to the customer’s needs, but also reviewed for occupational safety. We optimize the equipment and materials to fit the geological and electrical demands while ensuring safe work practices and environmental responsibility. Sentry Electrical Group, Inc. is dedicated to providing our customers with the best value in their underground collection systems while keeping workers and the surrounding communities safe.

We have multiple crews dedicated specifically to collection system construction who, at each stage of the complete design build, ensure the project is running safely and meets the customer’s needs. Sentry optimizes the cable size based on the existing thermal resistivity, circuit design, required ampacity, desired loss, and safety specifications. We produce the desired losses with the lowest overall cost.

Sentry works closely with the project owners to optimize substation location and the mix of above ground and below ground collection circuits within the project constraints.

Sentry Electrical Group optimizes the underground collection systems according to the specific requirements of each job and has completed over 300 miles of underground systems.

Our Services Include:

Above ground collection circuits

Below ground collection circuits

Foundation preparation

Underground cable

Underground cable protection

Overhead collection line construction

Multipoint checks

Site inspections

Testing: Meger, Very Low Frequency (VLF), and Partial Discharge (PD)

Collector systems construction

Power wiring

Pad mount installation

Renewable overhead and underground construction

Foundation grounding and conduit installations

Medium voltage terminations and splicing


Fiber optic installations and terminations