Operations & Maintenance

Sentry is your
operations and maintenance partner

Sentry Electrical Group provides comprehensive operations and maintenance (O&M) projects customized to suit the customer’s needs. Our customers include wind and solar Independent Power Producers (IPP’s), wind turbine Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM’s), utility companies, electrical cooperatives, renewable energy prime contractors, owners, and developers.


With a focus on safety, quality, and service, Sentry proudly offers both ad-hoc and ongoing operations and maintenance services for large and small scale projects.

Whether you need operations and maintenance solutions to address planned maintenance or to address unplanned maintenance, Sentry is your partner in ensuring necessary maintenance is completed safely, on time, and to standard.

Allow us to be your partner in performing operations and maintenance and in supplementing your current maintenance plan.


Planned & Unplanned Maintenance

Preventative Maintenance – 3MM, 6MM, Annual

Design Modifications


Emergency Maintenance

Generator Alignments

Large Correctives

Gearbox Oil Changes

Gearbox & Padmount Repairs & Oil Sample Analysis

Bolt Torque & Tensioning

Initial Response & Fault Reset

Fault Diagnostic, Fault Localization, and Fault Analysis

Hydraulic Systems Adjustment

Crane Scheduling & Management

Borescope Inspections

Generator Alignment

Infrared Scanning

Converter Maintenance

High & Medium Voltage Switching

High Voltage (HV) Infrastructure Inspections

Balance of Plant (BOP) SYSTEMS Maintenance

End of Warranty Inspections & Warranty Support

Inventory Management

Road Repairs

Snow Removal & Weed Control