Tower Wiring

We have crews
dedicated specifically to tower wiring

Sentry Electrical Group, Inc. is an industry leader in tower wiring, including completing cable installation and connections once the turbines are installed in the field. We have crews dedicated specifically to tower wiring that have successfully wired over 16,500 turbines since 2008 for customers including renewable energy prime contractors, owners, and developers.

Our crews work with the turbine erection staff to ensure a safe and seamless transition from tower installation through safety inspections and tower wiring. We work closely with the OEM field representatives to guarantee we understand the latest turbine designs and practices.

Once tower wiring is complete, our field inspectors and safety advisors review the installation with the OEM technicians and the owner to make sure any punch list items are quickly and adequately addressed.

Sentry Electrical Group has crews dedicated specifically to wiring wind turbines and have completed over 16,500 since 2008.


Final cable installation

Post-installation connections

Pre-job tower safety

Turbine design trends

Coordination with OEM field representatives and owner

Installation inspections

Systems climb assist

Splicing, medium and LV terminations

Pad mount transformer installation

Switchgear installation

Power and communication wiring to MET (Meteorological Towers)


Up-tower wiring