Transmission Construction & Upgrades

We specialize in new construction, upgrades, and maintenance of overhead high-voltage transmission lines through 345 kV.

Our dedicated transmission crews build and service major assets for many of the nation’s largest utility companies, regional electric cooperatives, and municipalities, while maintaining our reputation of safety, environmental responsibility, efficiency, and exceeding our clients’ expectations.

Sentry Electrical Group manages all aspects of your transmission line project, from siting and permitting to complete construction and line energizing. Our safety advisors are involved throughout the process to ensure operational safety.

We involve our team members from the beginning of the project; they conduct a field reconnaissance and survey obstacles to optimally route the line.

Once design is underway, our engineers stake the poles and anchors themselves to make sure the poles are positioned properly.

Sentry Electrical Group has dedicated transmission crews that manage all aspects of the projects from start to finish. Our engineers and safety advisors are involved at every step to make sure that we always exceed our clients’ expectations.

Our Approach

Our construction managers are consulted during the design process to discuss constructability concerns. Material suppliers give feedback to our design engineers during pole selection to help them understand what factors could contribute to unnecessary material cost increases.

During construction, our field inspectors are onsite to review pole framing and installation, as well as stringing, sagging, and clipping of conductors. Multipoint quality checks are performed at each step of this process so construction is safely completed on time and to design specifications. These quality checks also verify that the transmission line will provide great service throughout its expected useful life.

The collaboration of engineering, construction and material suppliers provides our customers with the safest, most efficient, and cost effective transmission lines.

Our Services Include

Greenfield construction

Transmission upgrades

Up to 345 kV including required relocation of distribution

Wood, steel and concrete

T2 and bundled

Fiber, Overhead Ground Wire (OHGW) & Optical Ground Wire (OPGW)

Storm restoration

ROW clearing

Complete design build services




Field reconnaissance

Pole and anchor staking

Pole selection

Field inspections

Pole framing and installation

Conductor stringing, sagging and clipping

Multipoint quality and safety checks

Pre-construction design and engineering consulting

Live line maintenance to include hot sticking & live line barehand

Right-of-way (ROW) preparation and clearing

Environmental mitigation and compliance

Turnkey foundation installation

QA/QC documentation

Reconductoring existing transmission lines

Energize and test

Transmission Construction – Watch the Video